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Indoor architecture


Interior architectural photography

When it comes to interior design photography it is important to specify that the expertise of a professional photographer will make a huge difference. To carry out a project, 3 steps must be respected.

The first will consist of a meeting with designers, architects, designers or any other professionals who participated in the project. They will emphasize the importance of certain details. It can range from the materials used to the exploitation of the available space. The photographer will then be able to translate the atmosphere of a place by highlighting the technical elements important for the team that participated in its realization.

The second step will be the shooting. Know how to find the most photogenic angles, those that explain, communicate and transmit the spirit of the place. There is the artistic side of course but also a very technical part. The choice of focal lengths, the mix of ambient light and artificial lighting. Make sure you have RAW documents of different densities essential when editing time come.

The third and final step is the digital interpretation of the shooting. We know what designers want. The photographer put all his knowledge, his talent during the shooting. Now it remains to lay the visuals. We are talking here about a clever mix of several source documents chosen essentially according to their densities and colors. Whites will be white. There will be detail in the darkest areas as well as the lightest ones. Any distortion issues are corrected. We clean all these small annoying elements, parasitic reflections … In short, everything brings nothing to the image. The final photos are delivered with the desired colors, contrasts, dimensions and profiles.

Good photography goes far beyond technical rendering; It reflects the atmosphere of the place. It’s a bit like telling a story but without words. We see the audacity of the designers and we access the atmosphere they wanted to create.