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Products on white background

Product photography on a white background

One wonders how important it is for a commercial photographer to put forward a gallery dedicated solely to the presentation of product photographs on a white background. The reason is simple. E-commerce. Every year, E-commerce continues its meteoric rise, nibbling at more and more market share. There is therefore a great demand for this type of photo. It is also one of the most active sectors of commercial photography today.

A photograph on a white background is not intended to create an atmosphere or to make you dream. No, far from it. Its intrinsic purpose is to clearly present the product you are trying to sell. We go back to the old adage that a photo tis worth a thousand words.

This type of photography, however, involves multiple knowledge. We are very far from just unrolling a roll of white paper, placing the product on it, then lighting it with two flashes placed at a 45-degree angle and equipped with umbrellas. To achieve this, the professional photographer will have to demonstrate all his knowledge. He will have to find the best angle of view, choose the ideal type of lighting. When editing, he will know how to adjust the color, contrast, density. After all these steps, he will transfer to his client a photo designed expressly for online sale.

It does not matter if it is for an advertisement, a technical sheet or an online sales site, a photograph on a white background requires a lot of know-how. If the mission is well accomplished, the product put online will show immediately its shape, its textures, the elements that compose it as well as its way to use. Everything must be legible with a simple glance. As a result, the seller will project a reassuring image of his professionalism.