Products on white background

Product photography on a white background

In the field of commercial photography, one of the most active sectors for a very long time is products photographies on a white background. This is especially true today with the rapid growth of online sales. This area of commercial photography has never been so popular!

To photograph a product on a white background, the user manual implies some knowledges. We are very far from unrolling a roll of white paper, drop the product and light it through two flash equipped with umbrellas and placed on each side at an angle of 45 degrees!

Whether for an advertisement, a technical sheet or an online sales site, the photograph must show the product so that we understand it at a glance. Its shape, its textures, the elements that compose it as well as its functions must be visible very easily. To get there, we will have to find the best angle to shoot the product. Is it standing directly in front of the camera? Or in angle, to understand its volume? Otherwise, would it be lying and photographed as the crow flies to harmonize a strap or other elements that can not photograph aesthetically otherwise.

Once the photo session is over, place to the editing of the image. Many people can photograph a product on a white background and provide an honest JPG. However, the spectrum of the participants is considerably reduced when the time comes to close-cut the image so the background will be perfectly white. Color adjustment is an art in itself, not only on shooting set, but also when editing the image. On the web, images must have a specific color profile embed. The necessary adjustments so that the rendering of colors and contrasts is attached to the photo are essential as soon as its existence on the web begins. Another aspect to consider, the resolution of the image. It must be big enough to be visually at its best but not too much to avoid a heavy image, slowing down its fluidity on the web.

In short, if we want to give ourselves every chance of succeeding in the highly competitive world of product sales and marketing; it will be most profitable to use a professional commercial photographer with equipment and knowledge for shooting and editing images. Consequently, whether at my studio, downtown of Montreal or at your office, you will always be sure to maximize your investment by using my services as a commercial photographer specializing in product photography.