Advertising photographs



      In advertising photography, the spectrum is very wide. A Linkedin corporate portrait, the picture of a designer kitchen, the image of a couple in a sophisticated setting promoting a fancy alcohol … are all advertising photographs. Their intrinsic function: selling.

    In this field of commercial photography, the fields of professional expertise of the advertising photographer must be extremely wide. In addition to the importance of having access to the infrastructure of a studio, equipment for shooting, lighting, image editing, the advertising photographer will also have to know how to surround himself with a whole team others professionals. We are refering to assistants, stylists, casting agencies, cabinetmakers, makeup artists, hairdressers, catering, the list is long. The mission of the advertising photographer is to create an atmosphere to promote of a “product” that will meet the customer’s requirements while respecting his budget. The contribution of each person building up the team is of great importance.

       An advertising photographer is like a conductor. Once a concept has been approved by a client, the role of the photographer is to find and lead the right team to achieve the advertising concept for which he was mandated. Of course, everything depends on the concept. It can be very easy to achieve; a product or a person photographed on a white background. Or much more complex! In some cases, the advertising photographer will have to organize a casting to find the models who will be in the photo. It is possible that he must foresee the construction of sets, otherwise the search for a specific place where the picture will be made. He will have to supervsie the clothing of the models, provide them with some accessories. Find a hairdresser, a makeup artist having ideally already worked on a photography set. It may need to oversee the model use rights agreements. In short, he must have access to a wide range of knowledges, resources and contacts in order to keep the whole team together and lead them in unison towards the achievement of a visual that meets the client’s requirements.

     I firmly believe that being a commercial photographer is one of the best jobs in the world. There is no greater job satisfaction than seeing a customer happy by the work done and a team proud to have been one of the gang !