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Advertising photographs




Advertising photography has its origins in the words sales, marketing, promotion. The list of products for sale is phenomenal. it goes from a product to an expertise X, an association … What matters is that consumers know that it exists and how they can get it. There are a multitude of platforms for that.

To meet customer expectations, the photographer will have access to the infrastructure of a studio, shooting equipment, lighting, image editing. It will also have to be able to count on an excellent team of stakeholders. We are thinking about assistants, stylists, model maker, cabinetmakers, makeup artists, hairdressers, distribution house, catering, the list is long. His mission is to create the atmosphere for the promotion of a product according to the requirements of a client and while respecting the allocated budget. The contribution of each stakeholder will of course be of great importance.

You have to see the advertising photographer as a conductor. Once a concept is approved, his role is to lead the team that will realize it. He must have access to a network of effective stakeholders, seek out the best of them in order to be able to orchestrate and deliver a photo in tune with the client’s expectations.