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Decoration pictures

Interior Design Photography

I have worked for many years in the field of interior decoration photography. By specializing in this field of commercial photography, I had the opportunity to visit an impressive number of homes. It was a downright memorable experience. My task was to provide my clients with quality shots where we could understand and feel the soul that emerged from those environments.

To achieve this, it requires a good dose of know-how. First, you must understand what your customer wants to put forward. A high-end kitchen designer will desire to promote expertise different from that of an eco-responsible designer. I must therefore be able to provide images of professional qualities and know how to put forward the skills of each client. To reach that goal, it relies on two fundamental steps: great care while shooting and editing images.

For the shooting, you must be very meticulous. The choice of shooting angles is essential. Not only does the photograph have to be beautiful, but it also has to exude the soul of the place. It had to include a didactic side that explains how the space is articulated. Sometimes a single photo will not be enough; if we combine three or four different shots, there is a good chance that we will succeed.

All interior photographs certainly involve a host of different types of lighting. Daylight will be too blue, tungsten bulbs too yellow, and other types of lighting might produce too much green light. The task of the professional photographer will be to correct each light temperature when editing the images. If the job is properly done when shooting occurs and if the professional photographer is proficient in Photoshop and Lightroom, the final photography will just be great.

The role of a good photographer is to sublimate reality. Anyone can take a picture. Making an image go beyond reality and make those who look at it dream is a whole other matter. A good interior design photo will promote the expertise of the people who designed the environment.