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Groups photographs

Group photography

Group photography, as trivial as it may seem at first glance, is quite a challenge. I divide it into 3 categories:

  • The team posing in an environment and looking at the camera.
  • The team in a work situation. No one is looking at the camera.
  • The team build via a Photoshop montage and who looks at the camera.

The first two categories represent for the photographer the same type of preparation. When I photograph a group, I prepare myself in advance. I know beforehand how many people there will be in the photo. I am told whether it is a mock meeting. They also must let me know if there are people, I need to highlight more than others. When people arrive at the designated location, the angle of view is already approved, and the lights are ready. In general, they lend themselves well to the staging but we must respect the time provided for the photo session. It is therefore necessary to be precise, to know how to direct them effectively to obtain a very beautiful visual in a rather short period of time.

In the context of a reconstructed team photo, the way of doing things is totally different. I photograph people one by one and then make a Photoshop montage during editing. It’s more work on the computer graphics side but very profitable for the customer. It is very common within a company that after a few months, someone leaves the ship or that a new professional joins the ranks of the team. In this case, I just have to go back to my source document with the different layers. I remove, add, change, move, modify whoever we want within the team without everyone having to come back to the studio to take a new photograph.

Once again, my studio in downtown Montreal or the ability to move with all my equipment to the client’s office’s will be very useful. The quality work I provide to my clients is of course based on my experience, the result of several years of work as a commercial photographer but also rely to all the infrastructure that comes with my studio. If you use my services, you get much more than just a photo. You will project on multiple social media platforms the image of a successful, dynamic and professional company.