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Portraits corpo senior management

Corporate portraits for business leaders

We operate in a world of communications, a competitive world where positioning is a fundamental asset. There’s no point in being the best in your field if no one knows you. Hence the importance of developing a marketing strategy that will allow you to achieve this goal. Of course, the first step will be through a website. This site will highlight the expertise of the company as well as the professionals who run it.

When introducing a leader, a picture takes a thousand words. Good photography is as important as its bio. As a commercial photographer, working in the field for several years, I have developed a very sharp expertise in this area. It takes much more than a simple “click” to get a winning corporate portrait. It is a complex art where the photographer must know not only how to adjust the lighting according to the person to be photographed but also have all the tact to carry out the operation. The challenge is daunting. It requires subtle know-how combining the art of knowing how to put people at ease, the flexibility to choose with them the best profile when shooting, the way to suggest a pose that will benefit them. There is no pre-established recipe in the field; only expertise built over the years will make it possible to get the best out of each individual.

For this type of corporate photography, in addition to my long experience, I have two immense advantages; either the possibility to do the photo session at my studio or directly at the client’s place. My studio is located in downtown Montreal. It is a superb commercial space of 2200 square feet at the cutting edge of shooting and editing equipment. Having this studio offers the opportunity for any professional working downtown to have easy access to a professional photography studio more or less 5 minutes walk from their workplace. If there are too many people to move, or if we want to exploit the visual framework of a work environment, I can very well move and go do the photo session directly at the client’s home.

Finally, I would like to highlight the key element of my success in the field: image editing. Post-production is just as important as shooting An unedited photograph is like a raw egg before being cooked. It is during editing that skin imperfections are corrected, colors are balanced, contrasts are adjusted… then we give life to the image. !

A professional photography that positions you advantageously and dynamically is a safe and very profitable investment when it is time to put yourself forward and make a good impression.