Portraits corpo senior management

Corporate portraits for senior executives of large companies

As a commercial photographer, working in this field as a professional for several years; I knew how to develop a very specialized expertise in corporate photograph. In this sector of photography, it takes more than just a click to get a valid corporate photo. It is a highly complex art where you have to know how to adjust the lighting according to the person to photograph. The operation requires a certain touch, just to make the subject comfortable, to choose his best profile, advise him on what standing position that will be profitable for him … There is no recipe already pre-established in this area; only great expertise to get the best from each individual.

For this type of corporate photography, I have two huge advantages; either the opportunity to do the photo session in my studio or directly at the Customer place. My studio is located right downtown of Montreal. It is a superb 2200 square foot commercial space offering the choice between a beautiful natural light, if that’s what you’re looking for or all the types of artificial lighting available on the market. Having this studio in the heart of Montreal offers the opportunity to any professional working in the city center to have easy access to a professional photography studio within 5 minutes walk from his workplace.

Otherwise, in case there are too many people to move, or if we want to exploit the visual environment that the cie offer, as a corporate photographer, I can easily go directly to the customer place to do the photo session.

In any business environment, time is money. Imposing a trip of 40 minutes to go, same thing for the return, in order to take the portrait of an employee is an economic nonsense. Nowadays, the first contact that people will have with you will is often throught the image that we carry on social networks. Hence the importance of taking great care of it, both on Linkedin or on his profile photo. Making a good impression using an advantageous and dynamic photography is a safe investment and will be very profitable when it is time to put forward its corporate portrait!