Portraits of lawyers

Corporate portraits for law offices

Nowadays, as the importance of social networks continues to grow, it is more than important to have a good professional photograph. Well beyond putting a face on a name, it imposes its mark via a quality corporate portrait. We can present ourselves to his colleagues, his clients, his future collaborators as a leader in his field, professionally in control, open, accessible, … In short, as a person that we gain to deal with. A good portrait is inevitably a powerful lever to get more traffic for its bio and the rest of its social networks.

Having my photography studio in downtown Montreal is a valuable asset. Appointments are easy to make and travel time is reduced to a minimum in many cases. Often, the appointments in the studio are taken in the morning, at noon or at the end of the day. Always depending on the availability of business people who call on my professional services.

Otherwise, it is very easy for me to go do the photos directly at the customers offices if the mandate requires it. For example, if we try to simulate a meeting between professionals in a conference room or if there are several people to photograph. All in all, there isn’t one way but several; always according to the needs of each customer. One of my greatest qualities is to always find the right solution for each assignment.

I already have many clients among law firms, accounting firms, investment houses … For everyone, I adjust my way to get the best results possible. For example, as soon as they arrive at my studio, the lights are in place. Following a quick « mise-en-beauté », we start to test light, we find the best profile. The ideal position is determined; if you keep your glasses or not. In the case of women with long hair, we are looking for the best way to place them, … All of those decisions are taken in duet; me the photographer and the person that I take a picture. Each of us sees what we can do to bring the photograph to its zenith.

Of course, once the shooting is done, there is still the photo editing of the selected images. That’s when I deploy all my expertise in digital retouching!