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Portraits of lawyers

Corporate portraits for law offices

In Quebec, 5 universities that train lawyers, 6 if we included Ottawa. Hundreds of new professionals join the profession every year. In front of them is a rich career filled with challenges and very competitive issues. Whether they work in a large firm, an SME or within the government, they will have to make their marks, and position themselves. Whether through their LinkedIn profile, their bio, each time an image, their photograph will be associated with their journey.

Studying law is no small feat. The same applies to the completion of complex mandates. As a result of so much effort, struggle, and work, it is of prime importance that their corporate portrait is equal to the progress made. That’s where my expertise comes in. As a commercial photographer working in the field for several years, I have the infrastructure and knowledge necessary to provide them with a professional portrait of quality, highlighting them. I always provide images where they look professionally confident, open, dynamic, and listening to their clients.

Having my photography studio in downtown Montreal is a valuable asset. Appointments are made punctually according to their availability. Travel time minimizes in many cases. In case there are several people to photograph I can move to their offices to take the shots. Over the years, I have developed an expertise, a way of doing things that allows me to deliver advantageous and very high-quality professional portraits. My way of doing things is simple. As soon as they arrive at my studio, the lights are in place. Following a quick makeover, we start to do light tests, we look for the best profile. The ideal position is determined by whether or not you keep your glasses. In the case of women with long hair, we look for the best way to place them, … All these decisions are made in pairs; Me the photographer and the person I photograph. Each of us sees what we can bring to bring photography to its zenith.

Of course, once the shooting is done it remains the editing of the selected images. That’s when I deploy all my expertise in digital retouching! An unedited photo is nothing. I find it inappropriate to present someone surrounded, with excessive skin imperfections, an embarrassing double chin. The art is to deliver an edited photograph that highlights the person while not looking like it has been retouched.