Corporate portraits

Corporate portraits for professionals

We are living not only in a world of communications but also of images. In the vast majority of cases, our first reflex, when we hear about a new employer, client, colleague is to see what comes out about him when “Google” his name. It can be a LinkedIn profile, a bio on a company website, articles, … In the vast majority of cases, the text will be accompanied by a corporate portrait.
A professional photograph, executed by a competent and meticulous photographer is worth all his weight in gold. A bio’s photo is not only a “clear” image where you are smiling cheerfully. No way ! A good photograph is a message itself, a statement!
Consequently, we have strong interest in presenting ourselves the best way possible. By using the services of a professional photographer, he will make sure to provide you with an effective visual through which you will make the best impression. To achieve it, the approach is no random at all ! It consists of a lot of steps that must be performed in a specific order. For example, each human being is always more photogenic on one profile than the other. It is therefore of high importance to determine what is this angle before doing the shooting. The choice of lighting will differ according to each person. In a corporate portrait we try to pass a message; it will be important to focus on how to transmit that intention. Will it be through the expression, by a dress code or the way of standing in front of the camera. Everything indicates that we will always make a good professional impression if we project the image of a serene person, in control of his files, listening to the expectations of his employer, his customers. We are all competing with other very competent professionals. If we succeed in giving an image of oneself as an open, contemporary, accessible, professional… In short, a multitude of notions hard to include in a bio but accessible through a simple look at photography that accompanies it. Certainly, a beautiful corporate photography requires some investment; however, you should never neglect how profitable the bet will be!
While you are in my studio, located in downtown Montreal, or in your offices, you can be sure to access the best results available in the industry. Expertise, infrastructure and equipment count a lot, of course.