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Corporate portraits

Corporate portraits for professionals

With the unavoidable visibility offered by all social media, the image has never been more important for both companies and professionals. Let us never forget that a picture is worth 1000 words. A “self-made” profile picture is far from enough when it comes time to stand out from the competition.

I have been working in the field of commercial photography for many years. Over time, I have acquired solid expertise in the field. I was able to set up an infrastructure allowing me to deliver corporate portraits for professionals that go far beyond the offer of my competitors. I’m not interested in making “a beautiful portrait”. What I aim for is first and foremost to offer my clients a photo that will be noticed, inspires confidence and demonstrates their leadership.

In most cases, a corpo portrait accompanies a Linkedin profile, a bio, or even a service offer. This photo features a professional. It must exude confidence, assurance, openness, accessibility and elegance. To get there, you just have to follow a host of small steps through which I guide my clients.

  • The importance of knowing who you want to talk to
  • Ideal dress codes, colors and texture of fabrics
  • Find the angle of the face the more photogenic. We are often more beautiful on one side than on the other.
  • Advice about how to behave. A beautiful photo always starts from the feet, the way you stand.
  • The editing of the chosen images is as important as the shooting itself. The art of adjusting the digital retouching will help to enhance the value of the person while respecting a very natural final rendering.

So, whether it’s at my studio, a superb 2200 square foot commercial space located in downtown Montreal or at your offices, you can be sure to get much more than a beautiful photo. Professional photography, executed by a competent, meticulous photographer is worth all its weight in gold. Admittedly, the approach requires a certain investment; however, we must never neglect how profitable the bet will be. The whole approach is focused on highlighting the person photographed. The photo becomes a message, a position. In conclusion, I offer far beyond “a beautiful portrait”.