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Personal work

Personal projects

For a commercial photographer, there is nothing like occasionally investing in a personal project. Producing and designing images for clients every day is one thing, working on your own photos is a whole other world. It allows me to explore, to experiment with dimensions of photography that I can rarely do as part of my commercial projects. I see it as a form of reconciliation with the world of photography.

I became a photographer out of passion. I remember my university years as an anthropology student. My first photography classes. All the place that this medium began to occupy in my life. I became addicted very quickly, an obsession.

Photography is for me much more than a job. It’s a way of life. An extension of my little person. The job made me travel, meet, see so many people, places, environments. I just don’t see how I could ever end this career. When I invest myself in my personal projects, I find the same passion, curiosity, excitement as at the time when the image appeared for the first time in NB in the darkroom.