Outdoor architecture

As a professional photographer, active for several years in the Montreal area; I did develop a very specialized expertise in architectural photography. Indeed, in this field of commercial photography, it is very important to understand the needs of each customer working sometimes in very differents areas such as architecture, construction, engineering or design.

For each company wishing to expand the visual impatc of their website, it will be very important to listen to their specifics needs. For example, a consulting engineering firm will not necessarily look for the same architectural details as an architectural firm. This is why any major project must start with a client-photographer meeting. Once you have identified the important structural elements that you wish to put forward, the photographer’s duty is to organize then the shoot, in order to visually capture the client’s ambitions throught the best moment of the day according to the lighting.

It is important to specify that, as a professional commercial photographer, there are no big or small customers. A customer is a partner with who, year after year, you build a relation to promote his compagny. Whatever the type of architectural photography a client will ask me, it will be a point of honor to take the utmost care to deliver to the customer a photographies well beyond his expectations and for which he has called my services.

Finally, I just want to emphasize that as a photographer, I have the chance to perform the best job in the world! Let me explain. On “magic hour” moment, when the sun goes down and the light becomes magic, you are outside, often in an absolut silence, facing an architectural structure which suddenly, becomes something totaly different . Attending this visual transformation that lasts only a few minutes in a monastic silence … is a unique sensation that makes me believe that I made an excellent decision when, at the age of 25, I decided to become a commercial photographer.