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Outdoor architecture

Exterior architectural photography

I have had the chance to practice photography in the Greater Montreal area for several years. Over time, I had the opportunity to develop specialized expertise in exterior architectural photography. It’s an area of commercial photography that I’m passionate about. I like to meet these architects, designers and engineers who have put all their talent to create a space that is both functional and elegant while respecting a number of clauses that are sometimes very castrating!

When carrying out a mandate, it is very important to be attentive to the specific needs of the company that uses my services. For example, a consulting engineering firm will not necessarily seek to put forward the same structural details as an architectural firm. Consequently, any major project necessarily begins with a client-photographer meeting. It will be used to identify the important structural elements that we want to put forward in the photos. The photographer’s task will then be to photographically capture a client’s ambitions and provide visuals communicating them. Easier said than done. However, the challenge is very interesting to face.

In the context of exterior architectural photography, two factors are fundamental. The weather and the time of the shooting. If you are one of those people who swear by 9 to 5, Monday to Friday exclusively. The job is not for you. Sorry. Once the project is explained, it must be shoot. Light is king. It dictates the moments of shooting. A building facing south will not be photographed at the same time as another facing west. Lighting varies enormously throughout the day. It is sometimes magical when the sun rises or sets. For some buildings, it will be preferable to wait for a cloudy day which will advantage of certain architectural elements. The “magic hour” should not be neglected; it’s the moment when day merges into the night.

Finally, as in all commercial projects I do; the editing will conclude the process. I will adjust densities, contrasts and eliminate distortions and annoying elements. Finally, the photos will highlight the full potential of a company that has called on my services.